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About Varalakshmi St.ann’s School

Varalakshmi St.Ann’s School originally is the Bharathi Vidyalaya English Medium School established in 1982 and administered by Bharathi Educational Trust till May 1997. Sri. G. Mallikharjuna Rao, Chairman, G.M.R. Vasavi Group of Industries decided to hand over the school to St. Ann’s Society, Visakhapatnam in June 1997. The School at present is managed and administered by St. Ann’s Society, Visakhapatnam. The Primary objective of this institution is to give an all round formation to its pupils – religious, moral, physical and social - based on human values and faith in God. Admissions are open to all communities, irrespective of caste and creed. The School is recognized by the Govt. of A.P. The students are prepared for the S.S.C., Examination under the State Board.

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Our Vision

Holistic development of our students with sound intellectuals, physical, psychological, emotional and moral maturity that will pave the way for a truly democratic, secular and equitable social order.

Our Mission

Striving for excellence in all aspects of education to form integrated persons who are conscious of their responsibility that they may build a just and humane world, being enlightened to dispel the shades of ignorance and brighten the world.

Our Core Values

  • God Consciousness
  • Altruism And Empathy
  • Universal Brotherhood
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Digity Of Labour
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Moral And Social Responsibility
  • Intellectual Excellence
  • Diversity,equity And Inclision

Objectives of the School

We focus our attention to provide a sound, intellectual, spiritual, psychological, physical, moral, social and cultural formation.

We inculcate in the students intellectual curiosity, habits of systematic work, personal quest for knowledge, critical and creative thinking and an aptitude for research.
We fostering in our students a high degree of awareness of God, self, others and the universe, religious tolerance, the capacity to face challenges and transcend suffering, the quality of being inspired by vision and values, and a sense of communion with all living beings.
Our curriculum includes a well – developed programme of physical education, sports and games, yoga and other outdoor exercises, which help to develop a healthy body, self discipline, and an attitude of grateful acceptance of one’s life as a gift of God. It also promotes the spirit of teamwork.
Students are trained in leadership qualities to be inspiring persons with courage and inner strength and to take up responsibilities for the welfare of all. The school encourages healthy competitions which channelize their creative energy positively.
We facilitate Bible study and Catechism classes for Catholic students.
We prepare future citizens who would think and work for the motherland with the spirit of dedication, irrespective of their difference in caste, creed or religion. A balanced sense of values is fostered to prepare the students for different professions and for a meaningful life.
The students are helped to be aware and accept that all are children of the same God, the Father who is the author and source of life and creation. Our educational programme enables the students to respect all religions.
Our educational programme fosters a healthy attitude towards manual labour and hard work. The staff and students take responsibility in keeping the school and surroundings clean. Every employee is treated with dignity and love.
The students are trained to have respect for the basic human dignity and human rights as well as deep compassion for the poor and downtrodden.
We help the children grow in harmony with nature. We encourage them to participate in beautifying the environment and preserving the richness of Mother Earth.